Hidden Monastery


Dear explorer,

We very much regret to announce that the coming edition of Hidden Monastery on the 6th of April is cancelled.

For the past four years we’ve organised this event with lots of love and passion at the incredible monastery Roepaen. But as pretty as this location is, there are also a number of issues in the venue concerning permits and safety. Until now we’ve always been able to find good solutions to existing issues, in which we’ve always placed the safety of our visitors first.

Due to a new development plan for the location with new safety standards, the municipality of Gennep has conducted a check in which it has concluded that the location does not meet the new set safety criteria. As a result, the municipality is no longer giving out permits that are required for us to organise the event until the issues are resolved.

Despite us having full confidence that the location will be able to handle these issues in the future, it has become clear to us that they will not be able to meet the new requirements within the timeframe needed for us to organise the event. For this reason, and after careful consult with the municipality and the location, we have decided that we needed to cancel the event for the 6th of April.

Naturally, anyone that has purchased a ticket for the event will receive their money back. This will happen within one or two weeks (depending on the payment method). For further questions, feel free to reach out to us on our socials, or via info@hiddenmonastery.nl

We hope to organise a new exploration for you again soon!

On behalf of Stichting Hidden Monastery,
Joey, Bram, Tim & Peter


Hidden Monastery is an immersive experience, taking place in a long forgotten monastery – a maze to explore and discover together. As you explore the maze, you’ll discover the hidden, secret and unforeseen. With the best underground House and Techno filling the areas and corridors of the monastery. Hidden Monastery is much more than just music it is a gathering of loving and like minded souls. Let’s discover together…